Four Things All New Moms Should Know

I’d like to pass along four of the most important things I’ve learned about this whole child-rearing business. Given that my children are the very advanced ages of eight and six, I have the luxury of hindsight and the wisdom borne of experience. So listen up!  #1: There is rarely a quick fix to your […]

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Hi Everyone, Welcome to my brand, spankin’ new blog, At this point, it’s notaperfectblog. Obviously, we’ve  only just begun. I don’t have a logo, I have few posts and it just doesn’t look all that pretty. But it will. Just bear with me. I will do everything I can to be funny, irreverent, poignant […]

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Happy Anniversary

Today is my tenth wedding anniversary. The best gift of all – Michael and I got to sleep in. But not too late. We are awoken at 7:42am by a 6 year-old with wild blonde curls and a grievance. “Daniel called me a big, fat showoff! And he said he grew a seed into a […]

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