The Birds and The Bees…Already?

“I love daddy but he’s not really part of my family because he didn’t make me,” my 6-year old tells me. “Yes he did honey. He’s part of you and you’re part of him. He had as much to do with making you as I did.” “But you carried me in your tummy and he […]

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Pain, Pain, Go Away

I wasn’t expecting to spend last week sitting in a hospital room, but you can’t always predict where you’ll end up at any given moment. Sure, we think we can. We make our plans, expect each day to be the way we envision it in our minds, but then life comes along and reminds us […]

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Happy Birthday, My Boy

Dear Daniel, Happy ninth birthday, my beautiful boy. “I will take such good care of you,” I promised through tears of joy and exhaustion as I held you in my arms for the very first time. You were tiny, wrinkled and helpless. And you were the most wonderful, amazing thing I’d ever seen. The love […]

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Sleepaway Camp: The Adventure Begins

“So, do I put my deodorant on in the shower?” My almost nine year old son Daniel asks me. He’s more excited about the deodorant he’ll get to use at sleepaway camp than anything else. Sure, the lure of complete independence and the promise of adventure is in there. But right now, it’s all about […]

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Wham bam mammogram

Wham Bam Mammogram

“Please take everything off above the waist and put this gown on, open part in the front.” “Okay, great. Wow, you warmed the gown for me. Thanks!” “Sure. We want you to be comfortable as we squeeze your breasts into flattened pancakes with this big, scary machine over here.” “Um, right.” “Now, stand here facing […]

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Why I'm lucky to be cranky

Why I’m Lucky To Be Cranky

I’ve been cranky for the past few days. Actually, everyone’s been cranky. Michael, my husband, is the only exception, navigating the minefields of our moods with his usual calm. Late Sunday night, I unpack Sarah’s backpack and find two unmarked scrapbook pages on which she is supposed to create works of art for each of […]

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The Ten Stages of Disney

1. Anticipation & Arrival. The trip has been planned for months. We’ve referred to it in excitement – “Can you believe we’re going to Disney in twenty days? Woohooo!” We’ve used it as a threat – “If you continue to act like this, there is no way we’re going to Disney. I’ll cancel the trip right […]

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Where Did My Babies Go?

School is over and we head to Disney World tomorrow. And I am wondering where the time is going. Cliche, I know. But my son will be going into fourth grade and my baby, the tiny one, the last one, is finished with kindergarten. Where did my babies go? I have full-on memories of when […]

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The F Word

This post is all about the F-word. You know what I’m talking about…Forty. Aaargh. There, I said it. In my case, it’s (hold on…this is so hard to say…bare with me while I take a moment…deep breath) 43. 43? 43! How is that possible? Wasn’t I just eighteen? What I’m supposed to do here is write […]

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