about me…

Me, Michael and the kids at the beach

My name is Lauren Menis and I’m a 42 -year-old stay-at-home mom with two kids – Daniel, age 8 and Sarah, age 6. I live in a leafy suburb of Atlanta where for the past seven years, I’ve written a parenting column for my local paper. Now, I’ve decided it’s time to take my message to the streets (obviously, the streets here meaning online).  I think us moms are getting experted-out and want to laugh at ourselves a little. Or you can just laugh at me. Whatever works. Regardless, none of us are perfect parents (except for you of course, i’m sure you’re completely perfect!). I embrace the imperfection. And I hope you do too.

Before I became this wondrous, awe-inspiring, mommy diva, I worked at CNN where, for 15 years, I wrote and produced stories on topics from presidents to medical news to skiing (yes, that’s right. Skiing. I wrote lots and lots of skiing stories. Given that I’d never skiied a day in my life before I began going to Boulder and Vail to produce skiing and snowboarding stories, this was quite amusing).

Now, I’m a mom and a writer and I spend most of my time trying to become more domesticated. It is, unfortunately, a losing battle.




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