Rage in the Barbie Aisle

For the second time in a matter of months, I found myself indignant in the blindingly pink Barbie aisle at Target. My daughter isn’t into Barbies and apparently, given my reaction to all things Barbie, that’s a good thing. But her friends are and I was there buying another sweet 7-year-old a birthday gift. I am not one of those […]

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Frozen - Not a perfect mom


This past week, my home city of Atlanta and its surrounding areas of 6 million people were brought to a screeching halt. I know that an inch or two of snow and a layer of ice wasn’t to blame. I know there are reasons -  everyone getting on the roads at the same time, frantic […]

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My 6yr Old Takes On The Tooth Fairy

Don’t worry, The Tooth Fairy is safe…for now. Even though my six-year-old is an evil genius on par with Darth Vader or El Macho, even though she set a trap so shrewd and wily that I almost fell into it, please know that I have saved the Tooth Fairy, at least for another week. A […]

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Winter- Not a perfect mom

Welcome Winter?

Aaaah Winter. How I’ve looked forward to your chilly nights with warm blankets and smoky fireplaces, hot chocolate and the welcome of a toasty house on a wintry evening. How I’ve craved the permission your cold gives to stay inside and hibernate. How your calm days allow me to recharge from the frenzied activity of […]

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Overparenting Anonymous

Overparenting Anonymous

Me: “Hi. My name is Lauren and I’m an Overparenter.” Group of moms sitting on folding chairs in a semicircle: “Hi Lauren.” Moderator: “Welcome. It’s very brave of you to admit this publicly. Know that you are not alone.” Me: “Thanks. It’s good to be here. I feel lighter already.” Moderator: “Why don’t you tell […]

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Six Resolutions for The New School Year

1. No Morning Mommy Meltdowns. If my kids don’t hear me the first time I remind them to put on their shoes, I will calmly allow them to go to school shoeless. And I will be okay being the mother of the shoeless children. Same goes for clothes. And the hair fight ends now too. […]

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Sleepaway Camp: Visiting Day Edition

Last week I went to visiting day at my 9 year old son’s sleepaway camp in Upstate New York. Michael, Sarah and I flew from our home in Atlanta and drove North with extended family to the camp Daniel and his cousin had called home for the past five weeks. That’s four weeks and 29 […]

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